Fifa Online 4 | ALL VOLTA Skills/Tricks Tutorial ► [Keyboard/Xbox/PS4] [English]

Fifa Online 4 | ALL VOLTA Skills/Tricks Tutorial ► [Keyboard/Xbox/PS4] [English]

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Fifa Online 4 | ALL VOLTA Skills/Tricks Tutorial ► [Keyboard/Xbox/PS4]  [English]
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This video explains the controls of all the skills in the video.

This video contains gameplay of Fifa Online 4 Volta Ranking in
Vietnam and Thailand Server

Some parts of the tutorial were taken in Exhibition mode VS AIs (For tutorial purposes)

Hope you guys enjoy!!

▶ Music : Vanze – Forever (feat. Brenton Mattheus) [NCS Release]

▶ Gameplay and edit by Zuko


✖ This video is solely used for entertainment purposes, I do not claim to own the music
no copyright infringement intended.
All content is for entertainment and non-commercial purposes only.

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  1. Fifa Online 4 Volta (Futsal) Skills Timeline:
    Feel free to pause whenever you want to

    0:26 – Taunt
    0:45 – Flick Up
    0:58 – Catch-A-Spin/Around the world spin (5 Star)
    1:10 – Fancy Flicks
    1:31 – Ball Hop Flick (4 Star)
    1:49 – Ball Roll Flick (5 Star)
    2:10 – Calf-Catch Rainbow Flick (5 Star)
    2:30 – Volta Sombrero (4 Star)
    3:00 – Double Thigh Flick (4 Star)
    3:15 – Drag Back Flick (5 Star)

    Do note that this video only contains skillmoves thats from VOLTA (4 vs 4),
    skills from " 11 vs 11 " such as rainbow flick are not included .

  2. Hi I'm 9BRO KHOA D10S from last match with you in Vietnam server. Good game!

    By the way I have a Group about VOLTA FO4, you can share your videos and experience if you want to.

    Here is the link to my group:

    You can contact me through my personal account here:

    Please PM first! Have a nice day

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  4. Please make a tutorial on how to change the keyboard controls. I'm unable to change the movement buttons to "UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT arrow" instead of W A S D.

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