Patch Report #18.1 – Item spawn balance, Paramo back, and the new maps for Team Deathmatch | PUBG

Patch Report #18.1 – Item spawn balance, Paramo back, and the new maps for Team Deathmatch | PUBG

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Update 18.1 is almost live! Check out our latest Patch Report for a breakdown of everything new.

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  1. Imo meds feel too common atm. I be looting for few minutes and I am up to like 8 first aids in every round. Bit heavy. After 2 or 3 kills I sometimes find myself with 20+ boosting items. Just a bit much lol

  2. you see in this game, you add an anti-chater then we would talk about overproduction. I hope that in a short time the problem will be solved and this headache will stop !!!

  3. Just updated on my Xbox series x June 16th . Mic is permanently muted and no setting will fix this . I tried uninstalling and re installation and nothing . Anyone have this shit happen ??? What to do ??

  4. Take away grenade timer. No one asked for that and it only takes away the skill of using them…

    Put all maps in game just have small map and large map rotations

    Haven, paramo, sannock, small desert

    Miramar, erengald, Tiago, vikendi.

    Put a currency in game where you only
    Get if you win public games… like “chicken dinner coins” and only certain items can be purchased with them. I have 700k BP that’s useless, put better shit in the shop.

  5. TL;DR, they made a few small, arbitrary changes and forced us to download another massive update file… all for the purpose of selling new skins.

  6. Why do you guys never rotate Miramar? I think it’s the most disliked map out of all of them. If you can’t rotate it out at least drop the probability percentage. Nothings sucks more than hearing a new map is in rotation and constantly getting Miramar over and over and getting the new rotated map once or twice.

  7. When will the 60 second wait be removed? Or will they add warm-up weapons like they did a long time ago? Although I know when it will happen: when the new COD: Warzone 2 comes out and there will be a frenzied outflow of players and, perhaps, a miracle will happen. How to reach developers? Because of this, I and many players left for Warzone. Don't they understand this? To whom to write? Oh yes, the bug with failed cars has not yet been fixed, although it is already about 2 months old. Why is it important to do something with these 60 seconds (although in fact there is more waiting if you connected earlier, and the plane’s arrival is not fast) – because newcomers are constantly taken out by 500-levels and they get tired of waiting and eventually they score on the game, but it was would be dynamic. Yes, if there are a lot of players, then you can separately beginners, nerds separately. And since there are few players, you have to make everyone laugh. I really feel sorry for the newbies, I'm level 500, they can't do anything at all against people like me.

  8. Do anyone nows how to fix pubg if it says cant log in with old updates please update the newest version of the game but its updated ?

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